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Sponsorship Opportunities

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Sponsorship opportunities for Lunchbox Heroes abound, offering brands a prime platform to connect with engaged audiences in a meaningful and authentic way. Through strategic partnerships, sponsors can integrate seamlessly into the fabric of the show, aligning their brand with the compelling narratives and mouthwatering visuals that captivate viewers.

What's Our Potential Reach With Our Media Partners?
BINGE Network:
1.4 Billion Global Subscribers + additional with license and distribution options
CBS Syndicated Donna Drake Show:
25 Million Across the USA
INSTAGRAM Followers:
10,655 Global Followers

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Benefits To Sponsors


Elevate your brand's visibility by securing title sponsorship, putting your name front and center in all promotional materials, opening credits, and marketing campaigns associated with the series.


Seamlessly integrate your

brand's products into the storytelling process, showcasing how they enhance culinary experiences and contribute to the narrative.


Collaborate on custom content segments that highlight your brand's values and products within the context of the series, ensuring organic integration and maximum impact.


Feature your brand in on-air promotions, commercials, and billboards aired during the series, reaching a targeted audience of food enthusiasts eager to discover new products and experiences.


Extend your brand's reach beyond traditional television with digital integration opportunities, including social media activations, custom content creation, and interactive experiences that deepen audience engagement.


Align your brand with exclusive events tied to the series, such as premiere parties, culinary demonstrations, or live cooking competitions, providing unique experiential marketing opportunities and direct consumer engagement.

Co-Branding InitiativeS

Explore co-branded partnerships that leverage the complementary strengths of your brand and the series to create integrated marketing campaigns, limited-edition product offerings, or promotional giveaways that drive consumer interest and loyalty.

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